NZ Bird of the Year 2011
Date: Friday, October 21 @ New Zealand Daylight Time

Once again it is time for the New Zealand Forest Bird voting for the Bird of the Year. Voting closes on 25th Nov 2011 To vote for kakariki clk here Kakariki is nearly 1/2 way down the page. And to see the whole list clk here With added voting security this yr going back to requiring a legitimate email and confirmation of the vote from a email link. We hope as with last year a good placing

Kakariki had a surprise win last year, after some controversy as to multi voting security was poorly handled and Hamilton mayoral candidate at the time voting repeatedly for their mascot the Pukeko....fortunately the mayoral elections finished before closing date and many off shore people voting for the Kakariki. We hope as with last year a good placing

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