Motuihe Island Red Kakariki Release.
Date: Friday, May 09 @ New Zealand Standard Time

The plan is to capture and move approx 100 Red Crown Kakariki from Little Barrier Island to Motuihe Island. led by Luis Ortiz-Catedral, under the supervision of DoC. Luis for the last 5 yrs has been studying/researching Kakariki The move is planned for 17th May 2008 The project is part of Luis' doctoral thesis All going well, releases could also take place on other islands in the Hauraki Gulf, and hopefully, possible study of the release of captive breed populations later. This is the 1st major release of the endangered Red Kakariki, now very rarely seen in NZ, yet once one of the most common of NZ native birds, now unknown to most New Zealanders. Yet is was common for early settlers and Maori to keep as pets. And common as a pet overseas.

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