Wild Kakariki in the South Island of NZ
Date: Tuesday, November 20 @ New Zealand Daylight Time

From 3yr Progess Report, DoC Operation Ark "There are no accurate estimates of the total numbers,( Orange Crowed Kakariki)but a best estimate places it between 150300 individuals. Of the other two species of parakeet that were once common on the South Island, the red-crowned (C. novaezelandiae) is all but extinct on the mainland, while the yellow crowned (C. auriceps), although still found in considerable numbers in large tracts of indigenous forest, has undergone range contraction and fragmentation.

As the birds will breed for much of the year they are particularly vulnerable to predation on nests." The full report can be read/downloaded here http://www.doc.govt.nz/upload/documents/conservation/land-and-freshwater/land/operation-ark-report.pdf

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