NZ Bird of the Year
Date: Thursday, October 18 @ New Zealand Daylight Time

Forest and Bird are once again asking for votes to your NZ most popular bird Lets see if we can give kakariki better boost this year. To vote clk here The Forest and Bird Protection Society Of NZ is a very old and respected Organisation... They do not use your Email to Spam... And while there clk the box to recieve their news letters PS:Grey warbler surprise winner in Bird of The Year

"Who says small, drab, grey insectivores canít be loved? The grey warbler (riroriro) has emerged as the surprise winner of Forest & Birdís Bird of the Year poll ďIn previous years the title has been won by flashier and better-known birds, the fantail and the tui, so it is great to see the more subtle charms of the grey warbler take top spot this time" Read full text At Forrest And Bird Web site

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