Kakariki Permits (NZ)
Date: Wednesday, February 21 @ New Zealand Daylight Time

A friendly reminder From Department of Conservation (NZ) for Kakariki Breeders in the Auckland Area: Lifespan of the Authority (permit) to Obtain and Have in Possession Absolutely Protected Wildlife (Kakariki) issued by the Department of Conservation is three years. If you no longer keep native parakeets OR If you wish to renew this authority please contact me. Yours faithfully, Art Polkanov Ranger Biodiversity/Biosecurity DOC Auckland Area Office PO Box 32 026, Devonport, North Shore City Ph 09 445 9653 Fax 09 445 9637 E-mail: apolkanov@doc.govt Admin Note: It is very important that DoC are able to keep their records upto date and they need the co operation of NZ breeders of Native Species to do this.

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