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Date: Wednesday, January 17 @ New Zealand Daylight Time

This from the lastest NZ Forest and Bird Protection Society (who do support DoC, like myself on the 1080 issue Sort of, there should be greater freedom and use of it by DoC) Help Restore the Dawn Chorus One of the most important decisions in a generation will soon be made which will affect native forests and birds for decades to come. The Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Animal Health Board have applied for 1080 to be reassessed so that it can continue to be used in New Zealand. DOC and regional councils use 1080 to protect native forests from browsing by possums and to protect native birds and other native species from predation by introduced pest species. This use of 1080 has been critical in saving threatened native species from being driven to extinction by introduced predators. Species such as kiwi, kaka, kokako and kakariki have all benefited from its use. Without 1080 these species would face local population declines and increased risk of extinction. Forest & Bird supports the application because 1080 is the best solution currently available to protect large areas of forests and their native species from the ravages of introduced pests. In the last couple of decades 1080 has been the key factor that has allowed our forests to come alive. You can help by sending a brief email submission ...

You can help by sending a brief email submission in support of DOCís application for reassessment of 1080. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 31 January 2007. Send your email submission here: Admin Note: This is published without contacts to do so dont exist, and waiting on a reply from F&B in the mean time.

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